American Next Top Model College Edition

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Tyra Banks and her team are working on “America’s Next Top Model” which will have its premiere on Friday, August 24.

America’s Next Top Model will have its “College Edition” that will include many new things and new challenges.

Additionally, this edition will have a changed format as watchers can now vote who will stay in the competition. The competition will be more interactive as it will feature a social media platform where people can vote their favourite models.


Additionally, there will be new judges: Rob Evans and Johnny Wujek, all the modelstants will be college students and BryanBoy will also join the cast of America’s Next Top Model Cycle 19 this summer.

Watchers have now the possibility to vote on every photoshoot and they can also see when new photos and articles are published, so they will stay in touch with the latest news related to this incredible show. People’s votes will be very important because they will decide who goes and who stays in the competition. A lot of people have already started to vote and to post comments, so now is your turn to support your favourite candidates.


See the message from Tyra Banks here:

Watchers are now judges, as well and they can now decide who will be the winner. As the polls are open, they already have the opportunity to comments, vote and express their opinions by uploading their own videos, so such an experience will be wonderful for everybody and also for you.

Here you can see the photos of the models:

America’s Next Top Model is a popular reality TV show in which many women compete for the title with the same name, having the chance to start a modelling career. The first edition aired in 2003 and it was very successful.


On February 22, 2102, this incredible show was renewed for a 19th cycle, which will have a college theme this time and will premiere in August 24, 2012. People are invited to vote and express their opinions, so this edition will be more interactive. 

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